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My name is Alena Grigorash and I am an art historian and artist based in Moscow and Milan. My passion is the contemporary art in context of art history and creativity as well as cross cultural communications. I work at the university as a associate professor, make public lectures and online webinars about design, fashion and contemporary art.I have a Russian book about the Darmstadt artists' colony in Germany. I specialize on the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk from the art nouveau experiments to the participatory practices nowadays. As an artist I deal with the connection of body, text and silence.

As an assistant professor I have been working for more than 6 years at the Department of the Artistic Culture History in the Institute of Arts of the Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU), at the Department of History and Theory of Culture of RUDN University and at the Weinan Normal University in China, as well as at the Faculty of Design at RANEPA and the Philosophical Faculty of Moscow State University. Under my scientific directing, more than 17 diplomas have been written about the history of art, art pedagogy, art management and cultural studies. Also I am a lecturer at the M. Gorky Moscow Art Theater and a member of the scientific inter-institutional group "European Symbolism and Modern art nouveau" of the The State Institute for Art Studies in Moscow.
How do you learn to understand contemporary art
Russian Beauty. Fashion p. s.
Since Bauhaus till Ikea
Yandex Zen
Interview for Paintingrussia
The Village
Introduction of the self education materials in the digest on the English art history of the 18−19th centuries
Oral history project of the Moscow State University
Cycle of interviews with Sergey Grigoryants about his dissident art collection, Soviet "evenings of forgotten poets", acquaintance with Anna Akhmatova and Nikolai Khardzhiev
ММСИ-AVC Charity
Article "Enchanted by Nikolai Gumilev" for the art catalog of the exhibition "On the Path of Gumilev" by Vasily Vlasov, Mikhail Pogarsky.
Mona Lisa's backpack
Dictionary articles in Russian for the Great Russian Encyclopedia
German Studies on the Darmstadt artists' colony in Russian culture for ICOMOS
Texts about Symbolism in English
PhD in Art History at Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, 2013
Thesis on theme "Darmstadt Artists' Colony and Gesamtkunstwerk in the Art Nouveau period: from idea to implementation"
Master’s Degree in German and English language teaching and linguistics at Moscow State Pedagogical University, 2012
Master’s Degree in Art History at Moscow State University, 2010
Art history internship at Humboldt University, Berlin 2010
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